Cynthia May Burke



Write quality code, have fun doing it, and make the client's dreams come true.


Technical Proficiencies


Contractor with Team Allita, Inc.: Jan. 2006 - Present

In my time with Team Allita I've specialized in working with clients from the inception of a project through to its production launch and any of the maintenance and upgrades thereafter. My attention to detail, guidance on best practices, efficient and effective coding practices, and strong work ethic have resulted in outstanding projects that are highly respected within their target markets. All projects utilize a LAMP stack with additional JavaScript/jQuery scripts unless otherwise noted. In my time with Team Allita I've been the Technical and Project Management lead on two primary accounts:

Tournament Karate Administrators Florida

The creation of TKAFL has been a revolutionary process for the Florida karate community. This innovative program now allows karate tournament promoters to manage participant credentials, event details, and registration options paperlessly and produces tournament charts, staging reports, along with participation and revenue statistics. Notable features of this project include:

  • Streamlined and efficient management of approximately 6000 unique data relationships per event
  • Use of a specialized algorithm I designed and implemented that has virtually eliminated the need for charts to be manually created and approved while still generating the most fair and accurate match-ups possible.
  • Combined use of HTML5 drag & drop with JavaScript and AJAX allows tournament administrators to easily manipulate charts if needed in special circumstances.
  • Use of QR codes on forms to streamline onsite check-in of 400+ participants and track 200+ charts at each event.
  • Being the only application of its type that's been successfully implemented and has gain wide spread acceptance within the community.

eRisk Hub

eRH is a portal application that is designed to provide data beach news, resources and tools to corporate insurance policy holders. Portals have been licensed for use by some of the biggest names in cyber insurance and are used in every continent aside from Antarctica. The extensive management interface allows the client to easily manage multiple complicated relationships and have absolute control over each piece of content that displays in each portal. Notable features of this project include:

  • Use of an internal analytics system to allow detailed reporting on a per portal basis as well as using Google Analytics for a higher level view.
  • Employs custom theme, skin, content and pages on a per license basis.
  • Utilizes multiple jQuery UI elements to provide a streamlined UI.
  • Dynamically determines display content based on multiple relationships that each have multiple levels of granularity.

MommyMarket: 2012 - Present

MommyMarket is a personal project of mine derived from my need to buy/sell children's things easily after the birth of my son. It is at its core a classified ads site, but is tailored to meet the particular needs of parents needing to trade in kids items. What sets MommyMarket apart is it's unique searching, sorting, and In Search Of features that allow users to easily find exactly what they're looking for. Notable features of this project include:


A.S. Computer Programming & Analysis - Brevard Community College - 2011 While at BCC I was included on the Deans List multiple times.

Be cause I value my clients security as highly as they do direct links to projects will not be provided on this page. A quick Google search should allow you to find any of the above mentioned projects or I'll be happy to provide you with the appropriate links upon a direct request.

I've kept this resume to the 3 projects I've work on most often and most recently, but additional references are also available upon request.